In 2017, GrieveWell brought record hope to individuals in grief, reached more community members then ever, and strengthened grief services across the community.  Thank YOU for your support building a community of hope and healing!

Below are excerpts from our 2017 Donor Report:

A New Vision

Originally founded to provide a single program, one-to-one peer support to adults in grief, in 2017 the kite network expanded its mission and programmatic strategies. Reflecting its broader vision of education and support to those in grief as well as the community that surrounds them, the kite network grew into GrieveWell.

Bolstered by its new vision and name, during 2017, GrieveWell…

…brought hope to a record number of individuals in grief. 

During 2017 GrieveWell’s requests to support individuals in grief more than doubled. In response, GrieveWell:

  • provided 425+ HOURS of direct support to adults who have lost a loved one
  • DOUBLED its team of volunteer Peer Counselors

  • supported more than 40 INDIVIDUALS through its Grieve Well workshop—a new, free workshop open to all
    community members.

… expanded its community reach.

Expanded outreach efforts helped us reach more broadly into our diverse community. The First Annual GrieveWell Kite Festival was a resounding success, exceeding all goals and expectations.

  • 400+ community members participated (2x our goal!)
  • 97% of registered participants were new to GrieveWell
  • 8,000+ community members reached through social media

… strengthened community grief services.

In 2017, GrieveWell implemented new programs to strengthen the coordination and quality of grief services across our community:

In partnership with Ele’s Place and Arbor Hospice, GrieveWell led the development of the Washtenaw County Grief Consortium which brings together over 30 representatives from agencies across Washtenaw County to improve the coordination and diversity of grief support services.

GrieveWell provided training for professionals who work with individuals in grief, ensuring that they better understand the grief process and how they can help.

Your financial support has allowed GrieveWell to lay the foundation for building a more compassionate community. On behalf of the GrieveWell Board and staff, and most especially those in grief who benefit from our work, thank you!

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