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amy-milanovitchAmy Friedman Milanovich, MPH: Executive Director

Amy joined GrieveWell in 2015 as our Executive Director, with the charge of leading the growth of the organization, as well as service development and community outreach. As a longtime employee with the University of Michigan School of Public Health, Amy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team, specifically in strategic planning, program development, and donor relations. Through her work with the university and other local and national nonprofits, she has dedicated her career to helping improve the lives of those in need. Amy holds a Masters of Public Health from Tulane University and a Bachelors in Sociology from Brandeis University.


christy-millerChristy Miller, LMSW, ACSW: Program Director

Christy is the programmatic key to the GrieveWell’s professional and thoughtful efforts to support those in grief. Christy is a licensed clinical social worker and has more than 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist for individuals, groups, and families. She provides a talented and professional perspective and ability as she trains and guides our peer counselors to help our clients appropriately. Christy also oversees all of our grief training and workshops, and ensures they reflect best practices and are informed by real-life experiences. We are honored to have Christy as our trusted guide as she helps us help others acclimate to their grief journeys.


jen-barbaJen Barba: Treasurer

Jen’s background as a CPA both in public accounting and with the General Motors Corporation provides her with the skills necessary to take on the challenges of being a treasurer at a nonprofit organization. Knowing that not everyone enjoys the work performed by accountants, she sees this as an opportunity to help, albeit indirectly, those who are on their grief journeys. Jen also helps us spread the word about the exceptional quality of the counseling model and effective services offered by GrieveWell.


stotlars-foundersDoug and Julie Stotlar: Founders

Doug and Julie Stotlar lost their six-year-old daughter, Lauren, in March 2000. They honor her memory with GrieveWell. They know that grief is not an illness, and that all loss deserves support. Providing a compassionate presence on the journey heals both the peer counselor and the person fresh in grief.



Larrea Young: Marketing and Outreach Associate 

Larrea’s background is in design and marketing. She has worked with a wide diversity of companies and organizations to build their brands, reach new customers, and develop marketing materials.  At GrieveWell, she manages outreach efforts, coordinates volunteers, works with community partners, creates marketing and promotional materials, and more.



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