If You Belong to a Community Organization

As community members, we are often interacting with individuals in grief. With a basic understanding of the grief process and a few key tips, we can help our colleagues and acquaintances who have experienced a loss.

GrieveWell partners with organizations such as churches, community groups, and schools to build a more compassionate, supportive culture. We provide resources for individuals within communities to learn about grief, and offer workshops to help build skills for supporting the bereaved.

If you are supporting individuals within your community who are experiencing grief, it can be helpful to:

  • Learn about grief, so that you can provide important information and feedback to the bereaved
  • Be a resource for others within your community and help them find the information they need to be supportive
  • Listen without judgment
  • Suggest services and resources that might help the bereaved process their thoughts and feelings in a way that works for them
  • Understand if your offer for help is not accepted
  • Recognize the normal symptoms of grief, and look for signs that the bereaved needs additional help
  • Respect that each grief journey is unique, and each individual will express his or her grief differently

SERVICES // resources for community organizations

One-to-One Peer Counseling

Individual support designed to help those who are grieving. Tell Me More


Learn more about the process of grief and how to support those around you.

Online Resources

Discover blogs, books, and other tools that will help you offer support to the bereaved.

Become a Sponsor

Partner with GrieveWell to make a difference.

UPCOMING // events

Grieve Well During the Holidays

A free workshop on healthy grieving during the holiday.

December 11 7 - 8 PM

STORY//how we helped

“GrieveWell has done a wonderful job of raising awareness of the topics of death and grief in our community. Their workshops, presentations, and sponsored events promote community discussion and understanding."

-Peggy, Ele's Place