If You Have Lost a Loved One…

Grief is a unique journey, and no grief experience is identical. It can be painful, confusing, and can have its own timetable.

While grief is a natural part of life, we do not always have the skills and resources to understand and manage the grief process. GrieveWell was founded by individuals who experienced their own grief and learned to acclimate to their loss. In partnership with professional grief experts, GrieveWell has developed a range of information and services to support adults struggling with the death of a loved one.

Although life may never be the same, with patience and support, it is possible to lead a full life after loss.

In learning to live in your new reality, it can be helpful to:

  • Learn about the process of grief, which will help you have compassion for yourself and others, and feel less alone
  • Be tolerant of your physical and emotional limits
  • Make time to process your thoughts and feelings, which at times can feel overwhelming
  • Ask for support and accept help

SERVICES // resources for grievers

One-to-One Peer Counseling

Meet weekly with someone who understands your grief journey.


Learn more about the natural process of grief and how to support yourself.

Online Resources

Discover articles, blogs, books, and other tools that will help you navigate this difficult time.

UPCOMING // events

Grieve Well: Understanding Grief

A free workshop with information and resources to help you through your grief journey.

February 25  11 AM - 12 PM
Ann Arbor District Library Westgate Branch
Meeting Room B

STORY // how we helped

“The peer-to-peer counseling provided me a set time each week to talk through my emotions and experiences with someone who understood what I was going through. Having the support of another person during tougher times like anniversaries and holidays was so helpful to me during my grief journey.”